Security and Risk Management

Ukraine is independent and an important emerging market. However, Ukraine is amidst a transformation that is far from complete and one that presents considerable challenges to foreign business and investors. Ukraine is a place where risk must be constantly assessed and managed regardless of whether you are a citizen, foreign resident or visitor.

Presently security risks are rising precipitously for successful businesses, residents, foreigners and for anyone whose wealth is visible to criminal elements in the society. Every person and business has a profile criminals will assess and possibly target. The profile that is displayed is a factor that influences risk. The higher the profile, the greater the need for requirement for risk management, mitigation and protection.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Law enforcement is weak and recent trend analysis shows that conditions are worsening. Criminals can be persistent and aggressive when the stakes are high.

Our professionals deal with a wide range of client challenges on a daily bases, such as: illegal raider attacks and asset seizures, false criminal cases against company management, theft of property, commercial espionage, physical violence, and blackmail.

Some journeys should not be undertaken without trusted guides and advisors. It is important to have professional risk management and security services at the ready. This is why SBR Security is the right choice for you.

SBR Security is a team of risk management and security professionals who advise the leading multinationals and wealthy individuals working and living in the former Soviet Union.

SBR Security and its services are differentiated from competitors in many ways, but perhaps most importantly by our professionalism and high standard of excellence. VIPs, transnational holdings, and the leading investment companies appreciate our results-oriented, timely and strictly confidential approach.

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